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Arlington, VA Yoga and Pilates Classes - Mind Your Body Oasis - MYBO


Relax! Detox! Lose weight! Feel great! MYBO offers Hot Yoga, non-heated Yoga, Barre, and Pilates classes in a wide range of group and private classes for all levels.

Arlington, VA Medical Spa - Mind Your Body Oasis - MYBO


Relax, nurture, and heal your body in the MYBO spa. Services range from massage and detoxifying far-infrared sauna therapy to nutrition & supplementation support. Can you say hashtag treat your self?

Arlington, VA Yoga Workshops - Mind Your Body Oasis - MYBO


Each month, MYBO offers a diverse range of integrative, educational workshops intended to enhance your practice and commitment to your overall health and wellbeing.

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Yoga Retreats Arlington, VA - Mind Your Body Oasis - MYBO


Immerse yourself in meditation and adventure. MYBO retreats take place near and far, always in a beautiful, tranquil environment, in order to renew, inspire, and satiate your spirit.

Arlington, VA Yoga Teacher Training - Mind Your Body Oasis - MYBO

Teacher Training

Become a leader and inspire through MYBO’s 200-hour Flow & Restorative Teacher Training program. Enhance your practice and emerge a certified teacher, ready to share your passion. Teacher Training has rolling modules all year and can be completed at your leisure.


Arlington, VA Corporate Wellness - Mind Your Body Oasis - MYBO

Corporate Wellness

Let’s work together to develop a Corporate Wellness program that adds positivity to your work environment, strengthens camaraderie, and teaches techniques for stress management and relaxation.