Build a Solid Foundation – Root Down and Be Present

Essential Yoga Workshops are themed, monthly workshops that weave essential oils into yoga practice to deepen and expand the yoga experience with distinctive aromas and powerful healing energy.Essential oils help to extend the impact or influence of the yoga practice beyond the mat. Specific oils are chosen to enhance the physical and emotional aspects of each theme. During the workshop, students will experience essential oils aromatically, internally with water (optional), and topically during centering/breathwork, the main body of the yoga class, seated poses, and meditation/savasana.

September Essential Yoga Theme: “FOUNDATION – Root Down and Be Present”

Date: Sunday, September 27th, 2015 (3-5 pm in Zen Room)

Yoga Focus: Physical/emotional foundation, grounding, lower chakra work

Oils: clove, cassia, balance blend, peppermint, cypress, vetiver

This sequence focuses on connecting to the lower chakras in order to help cultivate a strong physical and emotional foundation. Essential oils are used to promote grounding, creativity, and inner strength while establishing a deep connection with your physical body, environment, and the earth. Experience a sense of calmness, patience, and a willingness to stay in one place after working through the lower root chakras.