Meet Jie MYBO’s October student of the month. Jie has been practicing with MYBO for a few months sometimes twice a day!! Her practice is getting STRONGER by the minute! congrats Jie!!

I am Jie (Eva) Yu from China. I just graduated from Johns Hopkins University and now  I am working in DC area. If you find someone in Johns Hopkins hoodie in the studio, it may be me.

I spend most of my time in office, in front of the computer. To be honest, I do not like it. I like out door activities like hiking, climbing and even working and jogging.  After graduation, I still spend a lot of time in studying new things. for example, dancing, drawing and reading some professional or unprofessional books. Of course, yoga is the one I am now passionate about.

I started practicing yoga two months ago. Initially, I want to lose weight without hurting myself. Yes! After 2 months, i really lost more than 10 lbs. However, after practicing, i found the more important thing is not losing weight anymore. Yoga also gives me peaceful mind. Every time after practicing yoga, I feel satisfied, peaceful and relaxed. No matter what I have met during the day, nothing left after yoga. And this is my great motivation to practice yoga regularly and even every day. I enjoy it because it gives me time to stay with my soul, to rethink about myself, and to find myself. It makes me stronger not only physical but also mental. jie-pic

I like instructors in MYBO best. They are kind and I feel they really understand the spirit of yoga and try to tell us students. The are not only teaching yoga posture but also teaching the spirit of life.