Congratulations Lara!

Join Lara on Sunday and Monday evenings for Yoga for Inflexible Humans and on Wednesday evenings for Power Yogalates.  Experience the broad scope of her teaching styles, from the healing aspects of yoga therapy to the challenging Ashtanga yoga.

How many years have you been teaching yoga?

I started teaching yoga in the year 2008 while I was still stationed in Germany: my mentor was a Master Yoga and Ballet instructor, and I became hypnotized by this combination and her teaching style, as I am also a former ballet and contemporary dancer.

What is your favorite style to teach?

Ashtanga yoga has been my favorite teaching style for the longest time.  I thoroughly enjoy the discipline, the mental and physical challenges, and the benefits from practicing Ashtanga yoga.  It has always been very natural for me to share my devotion with my students.

What made you want to become a yoga teacher?

Yoga is fundamental to my life, I was actually a yogi before I formally became a teacher.  So many principles and meanings and goals of yoga have been taught to me early on in my life, being born and raised in Italy.  It is not until I teach and share yoga, and learn with my students, that I grow as an instructor and as a yoga practitioner.

Then I injured myself and I had to consider so many different aspects of myself and my health: that is why I expanded my learning by studying yoga therapy, which continues to amaze me and allows me to heal each day physically, and allows me to face just about anything.

What is your advice to someone considering becoming a yoga teacher?

As an aspiring yoga instructor, it is important to learn about yoga and learn from an accredited yoga teacher training in order to start becoming familiar with this beautiful discipline.  As we absorb all that there is to discover, we start relating to something specific from which we build our trust and our path.  The more you believe in yoga, the more you can grow as an instructor.

What is your favorite part of teaching at MYBO?

I am enjoying very much teaching at the MYBO studio.  Since the beginning I have valued being part of a small business committed to bringing the community together and taking the initiative to promote yoga.  I personally respect Amanda so much for doing it, and can relate to the hard work and challenges, as I was once a business owner and one of my business areas was a yoga studio…I love meeting with students new to yoga and being able to introduce the important foundation.

Thank you Amanda and her great staff for this opportunity!!!!!