Zoha is our teacher of the month. Don’t let her size fool you she is POWERFUL… We love her spirit and teachings she brings to MYBO. I only wish we could have more classes with her,but she is as all teachers are no mads when it comes to studio placement.

I grew up in Northern Virginia and have a gymnastics and dance background. I have a BA in Communications from George Mason.I love yoga!! I do it in my spare time for funzoha5 and it’s my job so it’s definitely what some would consider yoga overload. I can’t get enough yoga! I also like to paint, and love cooking! My favorite foods are noodles, soup and salad in no particular order.
How many years have you been teaching yoga? 3 years
What is your favorite style to teach? I love them all. No favorite as they each have their own style. I do like teaching a variety of types of classes, it keeps it interesting.
What made you want to become a yoga teacher? My sister bought a yoga studio and I was managing it. Becoming a yoga teacher made sense and I was already in love with yoga. I am so grateful for that semi reluctant choice that turned my life into a whole new direction!
What is your advice to someone considering becoming a yoga teacher? To look at your reasons for becoming a teacher. It’s gotta be somewhere from the heart. The passion is what keeps you going and not let you get burned out. If you’re doing it to stroke your ego don’t even bother.
What is your favorite part of teaching at MYBO? I love the ambiance. It’s welcoming and has a focus on details that enhances the yoga experience. Little luxuries. I also like the way it’s run. The dealings with people; management, other teachers and students have been easy, and no drama. Just love all around.