Hi All
We have new student of the month,Scott Billak. Scott started here at mybo doing privates and when his confidence boosted he joined in the group classes,(mind you it didn’t take long he’s a natural). Any how here are some things Scott was willing to share with us.. Now if only I could of snagged a pic…

My 9 – 5 is actually more like a 730am to 500pm and that does not count the getting up at 500am every morning, or at least most of them to start, my day.
I have grown up in Washington DC (was born in Morgantown, WV), and I am a morning person, which helps with the commute from the Oakton VA area to Crystal City every day.
My hobbies include attempting to play golf, when I have some free time, which is not too often these days, and tending to my yard at home (being outside, if that is considered a hobby!!)

It is important to me that I try to be thankful everyday that I wake up (and not take it for granted!!), and how am I going to do something good this day? I wish I could say that every day is this way, but it is not… But it is a goal, I want to start every day this way and I’ll keep working at it until I’m successful, every day.

I started practicing yoga at MYBO in December 2016, so it has not been very long. I had been curious for a while about yoga, its physical and spiritual aspects and it took some prodding from a friend to finally decide to give it a try.

For me, carving out time to have regular exercise is a challenge, too many competing demands for time. After the initial shock of how physically demanding yoga can be, the hour or so of taking a class became much easier, and fun, to make the time to attend on a regular basis. Besides the weight loss and general toning that has come from attending classes on a regular basis, the mental benefits seem to be that I am calmer and more relaxed.

The thing I love most about MYBO is the staff and the instructors. Everyone is passionate about the sharing, teaching and answering any question having to do with enhancing someone’s knowledge and understanding of the benefits, both physical and spiritual, of practicing yoga on a regular basis.

I’m honored to have been considered for something like this, it just makes it that much easier to continue my yoga practice….