As most of us will hit the road this weekend, use these yoga poses while you travel and after to help relieve some of the soreness, stiffness, aches and pains from your journey!  Of course, drivers should always pay attention to the road and drive safely, but a little stretching during a break can help you make it the last mile.
  • Head rolls: Stretch each ear to shoulder, chest and chin to the ceiling of the car slowly inhaling and exhaling with each rotation. Start the circles small and slowly increase the size to mindfully warm up the muscles. 
  • Passengers can tuck their knees into their chest, wrap your arms around your shins.
  • Try lifting your arms to roof and bend your elbows, palms flat on ceiling. Press chest forward like an inverted down dog.
  • Take advantage of those breaks with forward folds, gentle back bends and half moon poses.