I am very happy to announce this months Student of the month, Lucretia Donerson. Lucretia began her journey here in 2013, with in that time she has grown stronger and more confident in her practice! Keep up the hard work Lucretia it has been noticed!!


Tell us a little about yourself!
What does your 9-5 look like?
I work at a desk all day looking at numbers and providing
guidance to others.
Where are you from?
What are your hobbies?
Reading, movies and travel
What are you passionate about?
My family and living well
How long haveyou been practicing yoga?
I’ve been practicing yoga a little over three years.
What made you try yoga for the first time?
I heard yoga was good for your mind and body.
What is your motivation to practice yoga regularly?
I’ve always worked out but yoga was different because It calms and challenges me.
What is the biggest physical and/ormental benefit you have
noticed from doing yoga?
I’m stronger and have gain some of my flexibility back.
What do you love most about MYBO?
I think they have great instructors. Before taking Moriah class, I thought I would never be able to accomplish a headstand or backbend. However after taking her classes I can do both at the age of 50.

Looking FABULOUS at 50! Congrats again from the MYBO Team