We’re so lucky to have Shari at Mind Your Body Oasis.  In case you haven’t attended one of her classes here is a little bit about Shari:

Shari first realized the profound mental and physical benefits of yoga when she began taking hot yoga classes over ten years ago in Charlotte, NC. In her own words, “Learning to breathe was life-changing because that is the real yoga!” After many years of exploring her personal practice with amazing instructors Shari decided to pursue teacher training. She completed an intensive training at the Asheville Yoga Center with Stephanie Keach and her inspirational team. Shari has experienced various styles of yoga and continues to evolve both as a student and teacher. She especially loves to practice and teach traditional hot, vinyasa/flow, and power yoga. In addition to being a Registered Yoga Teacher Shari is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist. She is truly passionate about wellness and believes yoga is a life-long journey to balance the mind, body, and spirit!

Shari teaches our hot hatha series, something you definitely do not want to miss! These classes are especially for you if you have enjoyed Bikram yoga in the past (or possibly not enjoyed) and want to take it to another level and advance in your practice, then these hatha variations will fit you like a glove. These classes are not Bikram Yoga and our studio is not Bikram affiliated. Love Bikram or not, you will find these sequences a refreshing change. 5 sequences of 24-30 invigorating and challenging static yoga poses will work almost every muscle in your body. We practice in a 103 degree heated and 50% humidified room to allow the body to detox and stretch more safely and deeply. These classes are highly recommended for new students and advanced practitioners alike. The teacher will make modifications as appropriate and will introduce more advanced postures as students are ready to take their practices to a new level. These classes will assist with detox, weight loss, flexibility, strength and endurance as well as balance and concentration. If you have knee, back, shoulder injuries, these sequences will help you heal and recover.

Come try one of Shari’s classed and celebrate her and her practice with us in September!