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Welcome! If you are are new to yoga, new to the area, or finally decided to give MYBO a try, we have space for you! MYBO is a fun, friendly, warm studio where new friends are always welcome.

$59* Introductory Rate for New Students

As a new student, we offer you a $59* introductory rate for two weeks of unlimited yoga and pilates. This provides you with an opportunity to get to know us, get comfortable with the studio, find your groove!

We urge you to try different classes with different guides so that you can get a feel for their individual styles and our comprehensive offerings.

To speak to a MYBO staff member or guide, please call us at (703) 567-1290!

New students: Please print out your registration form, fill it out, and bring it with you to your first class.

$169  New Students Private Sessions

New to yoga? Wanting individualized help with your practice? Sign up for our private lessons special!


  • 2 private classes
  • 2 group classes
  • 2 far infrared sauna sessions

Tips for the New MYBO Yogi

  • Please arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled class start time to register at the front desk and notify your teacher of any injuries.
  • Wear light, form fitting clothing so you can move freely and sweat in comfort!
  • Come well hydrated bring water to drink during class.
  • Refrain from eating 1-3 hours before class.
  • No cell phones are permitted in either studio.
  • Bring a mat (or rent one) and towel. All other personal items should be left in the the changing rooms.
  • Stay in the room during class. Feel free to listen to your body and take breaks by sitting on your mat or going into Child’s Pose.
  • Practice frequently. You will see the greatest benefits by practicing at least four to five times per week.
  • Always let your teacher know of any physical condition or ailments you may be experiencing. Our guides are highly trained in adjustments and therapeutic variations of postures and routines to accommodate a wide variety of injuries and chronic conditions, so please be forthcoming. If you would rather discuss your situation privately with your guide please arrive a few minutes early so that you can speak with them one on one.

Studio Etiquette

  • Please pre-register online if possible and always check-in upon arrival for class
  • Remove shoes upon entering studio.
  • The studio offers mens’ and womens’ changing rooms and cubbies. Please do not take shoes, bags, or personal belongings in the yoga room.
  • Please turn off or silence your phone when you arrive. There is no cell phone use in the studio area due to ongoing classes and massages.
  • Please use soft/inside voices in the hallway so you don’t disrupt the massages taking place. Please utilize the courtyard In front of the studio to socialize.
  • Proper attire is required.
  • Please observe basic hygiene when attending yoga class. Wipe sweat from the floor with a hand towel.
  • For all Hot Yoga classes, towels or yogi toes that cover your yoga mat are required! (We rent towels).
  • No gum chewing allowed during class.
  • Please do not lean on or touch the mirrors in the yoga room unless needed for balance or required by the instructor.
  • Please do not run out of class as soon as final breathing is over in hot hatha classes. Savasana is one of the most important elements of your practice!
  • Try your best to focus on your own body and your own practice. Comparison is the thief of joy; Don’t measure yourself by another person’s abilities.

*All prices are subject to change without prior notice.

(703) 567-1290
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