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DAY 1: A Shamanic Meditative Journey; DAY 2: : Sufi Breath: An Ancient Transcendental Breathwork

Mind Your Body Oasis is excited to announce that we have a special guest coming to our Center to host a powerful 2 Day Transformational Shamanic Workshop. You have the option to come to one or both days and we are pleased to be offering our guests a reduced donation for joining us for the complete workshop.

Omar Ahmadzai is a Mystic and Ayahuasquero who like many of us has spent a lifetime searching for the deeper meaning of existence. He is the Director of Speakers at the Universal TheoGnostic Society, an International Non-Pro t Civil Society, and the Director of The Shamanic Healing Center located in Portalon, Costa Rica. He resides in Miami Beach FL and at our Center in Costa Rica.
He travels the world speaking on behalf of Humanity, Spirituality, and Ancient Mysticism including Shamanic “Tools of Divination” that include ancient meditation techniques and plant- based medicines that have been used by the Mystics and Sages of all ages.

Omar’s book, “Journey In Spirit: The Art of Awakening” is being released in the summer of 2016.

Day 1 – A Shamanic Meditative Journey
Drawing from various ancient traditions of mysticism, this guided meditation will bring you into a timeless journey in spirit through vibration and sacred breath.
As spiritual beings our universal language is Vibration, and this form of communication cannot be taught it can only be experienced. Vibration is beyond time and space and within our Innerverse is alchemically opened; we enter into new familiar understanding of that which has always existed.
This Shamanic Meditation will bring many ancient vibrations together with the use of Shamanic Tools such as crystal bowls, Native American Flutes, the Chakapa from the Rainforests of Peru, to sacred drums from the Middle East in a precise symbiotic.
Sacred breath is used symbiotically with rhythmic beats and mantra creating a focused transcendental state of exploration within the deepest dimensions of your Inner Verse.
Through the creation of these vibrations our ancient memory is awakened, our connection to our cosmic ancestry is understood, and karma is shaken and then removed, providing the space for new beginnings.
Coming out of our Shamanic Journey all are open to share from their personal experience and an open format Q&A is held to reflect and expand on all subjections pertaining to Spirituality and the process of Awakening.


Day 2: Sufi Breath: An Ancient Transcendental Breathwork
Our breath is our Essence; it is our connection to the divine within. With proper cultivation, our breath transforms into a river of consciousness, flowing through us, activating our chakras and delving us deeper into a higher state of existence. On this day we will build off of the work from the previous day and dive deeper into this vibrational experience with the addition of longer Holotropic Breathwork and deeper patterns of sound created by various ancient shamanic tools such as the rattles and Chakapa from the rainforests of Peru to the flutes and hand drums of the Native Americans and many others.
Coming out of our Transcendental Journey all are open to share from their personal experience and an open format Q&A is held to reflect and expand on all subjections pertaining to Spirituality and the process of Awakening.

Day 1


Day 1: 7pm-9:30pm
Introduction Into Shamanic Meditation (30 mins)
Shamanic Meditation (1hr)
Limpia (Shamanic Energy Bath/Cleanse) (30 mins)
Q&A: 1 hour

Day 2 (2-3 hrs), Saturday Start 11am-?
Event includes:
Introduction to Sufi Breath and Mysticism (30 mins)
Sufi Breath: A Holotropic Breathwork (1-1.5hr)
Limpia (Shamanic Energy Bath/Cleanse) (30 Mins)
Open Floor Q&A: (1 hr +)

Listen to Omar playing flute at a workshop:

$55 each workshop ($90 for both) paid via PayPal or venmo to


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Back Up at the Crack of Dawn Growing Good Food by Dawn Olson

IT’S ALIVE!!  No, not Frankenstein silly, the soil.  Let’s learn about the wonderful underworld of this planet’s greatest resource (beside women).  Topsoil, dirt, loam, ground, and Earth (Wind and Fire, I couldn’t resist) are the medians in which plants live and thrive.  It’s in this deep dark space where lurking just below the earth’s surface we discover the secrets of growing good food.  Besides the usual worms, bugs, insects, and bees, (yes, bees live underground, we’ll explore them later), living soil contains microorganisms.  Translation—teeny tiny creatures that live on other living or decomposing matter.  Important point of order here, even dead matter supports life.  So let’s get this straight, soil is alive for plant growth and when it’s rotting, how can that be?  Read on Alice!

Fungi called mycorrhizae (my-cor-rhi-zee) or (my crow rises) and plants enter into a “friends with benefits” relationship.  Plants agreed to let these fungi hang-out on its roots, the fungi agreed to act as hair extensions, improving roots’ reach 100-fold.  If your mind is not blow yet, check this out.  These filaments called fungus roots actually help plants communicate with one another faster than twitter.



SAY WHAT!!  Plants talk?  That’s like asking if women gossip…we deny it, but you know we do.  Alright, before I go all Avatar on you, plants actually release chemicals when they are under stress (can you say, “B.O.”).  Then these chemicals get detected by other plants and this warning allows them to put up defensive shields for incoming diseases and pests alike.  Why is this important you ask…because, if given a chance most plants (like women) are designed to fend for themselves.  They do not need our chemicals to live and thrive.  If you want to grow good food, most of your effort should be in the building of healthy soil.


Like the Fifty Shades trilogy, healthy soil is comprised of three things:  air, organic matter, and rock minerals.  Plants need air because roots actually breathe, hence why plants die when overwatered, they basically drown.  First safety tip, overwatering is bad.  The ground goes anaerobic, (no oxygen), roots rot then die, followed closely by the plant.  I digress.  Back to the trilogy of soil, since you can’t buy bag-o-air, how does one put air into the soil?  Why, you just work the soil with lots of organic matter and rock minerals.  See how easy this is?  Pssst, that’s how Mother Nature does it.  Through erosion, rocks get ground down to minerals and debris decomposes into organic matter.  Then, ta-da dark, rich soil forms in which new flora and fauna spring forth.  There you have it, the circle of life!

Well, we are not getting any younger here so we can’t wait for rocks and debris to decompose. fungi2

I get that, so you can either make or buy compost, there is your bag-o-organic matter.  And you can also buy bag-o-minerals such as lava or green sand.  Now, these two get mixed into the existing soil and it will not only aerate the soil, but jump start the “friends with benefits,” arrangement.  However, always a however, if using store bought compost, it is probably sterile, so you’ll need something to stimulate and excite the fungi, they are easily excited.  Like most kids today, fungi and bacteria love sugar.  They feed on the kind of sugar found in dry molasses or diluted liquid molasses, yes like the one that goes in pecan pie.  Iver makes the best pecan pie, yum…I digress, again.

Here is an award-winning, life-giving, good-food grow’n recipe for luscious (like that word) soil:

Open a bottle of wine and let it breathe.

For every 100 sq. feet (10’x10’) of existing soil add:

5 cups of mineral rock

5 bags of compost

Get your man or some young kid to mix and stir, a lot.  Yes, he can fire up the tiller and go like crazy, but only do this once when you first start a garden.  Otherwise, you will pulverize all those micros that you have worked so hard to establish.  Then pour yourself a nice tall glass of wine, swirl gently as you water the mixture thoroughly.  With a garden hose in one hand and your drink in the other, strike a pose and toast the brilliance of Mother Nature and yourself.  You, sister, have just created soil.

So, let’s review for those of you who have slept since the last blog.  I convinced you by wit and dazzling blogging to grow or seek out good food.  In this writing, you were wowed by the “Oh, so easy” way of making soil.  Next month we shall “Release the Kraken!”  This feat is achieved by the magic of transforming garbage into compost, compost into tea, and tea into organic fertilizer.  How exciting!!!

Check out Mother Nature’s wicked sense of humor:  Fungi boobs and weiners in the garden.

fungifungi weiner


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June Student of the month Michelle Keefe

I would like to introduce the June student of the Month Michelle Keefe. I apologize for the late posting of this blog MYBO has done a little website remodel… Never the less we are very proud of our student of the month Michelle. She is growing stronger mentally and physically everyday by practicing yoga here at MYBO. Thanks for practicing with us… Namaste


Tell us a little about yourself! What does your 9-5 look like? Where are you from? What are your hobbies? What are you passionate about?

I am relatively new to the DC area, having moved here last fall.  I spent the last 2 years before that in Ohio, but Florida will always be my home.



Arlington though has quickly become my new home.  I love this area and enjoy all the wonderful things that it has to offer.  I live in Crystal City and love everything that we have right here to see and do.  It’s the perfect location!

For work, I am in sales in the education industry.  I have always been in sales over the years with most of that in the pharmaceutical industry before I wound up in education.  I am fortunate to be able to hear successes of students who have been able to get into colleges or achieve goals that they never thought possible.  It is often quite inspiring! One of my favorite things outside of work is spoiling my 11 year old Yorkie named Bogey.

Now that it is summer, you can often find this Florida girl out enjoying the sun by the pool.  I love to continue to see and do all that I can in the DC area, as I often still feel like a tourist in my new home.  I love live music, spending time with friends, and traveling.  I am a big sports fan and love going to games, as well as catching big games on tv.  My favorite teams are my FSU Seminoles, Tampa Bay Bucs, and Tampa Bay Lightning.  I am quickly becoming a Washington Nationals fan though, and other local teams are growing on me.  I love to travel and have so many places I want to visit.  Each year, I make a trip or two to Texas to visit my family and my 2 year old nephew.  I will get to meet my new niece and nephew or nephews this fall when my sister has the twins she’s expecting!

How long have you been practicing yoga? What made you try yoga for the first time?

I have practiced yoga consistently since June 2015.  I had done Bikram for a while back in 2011, but work travel kept it from becoming a lasting habit.  Then last summer a friend had been trying to get me to go to her studio when I was in Ohio.  I agreed and that’s when yoga really took hold.  I tried to keep it up as I could after moving to DC.  I tried other studios and online streaming some after moving.  Then I found my way to MYBO and I have never been happier.

What is your motivation to practice yoga regularly? What is the biggest physical and/or mental benefit you have noticed from doing yoga?

Yoga has been a journey for me in that I had to find the right studio to really grasp all of the benefits.  I liked the experience of Bikram before and liked the vinyasa classes I took in Ohio.  Yet being here at MYBO, all types of classes are available.  That includes restorative that I have previously only ever done online.  Yet that is never the same as being in class.  I truly feel having found a studio that allows me to enjoy a well-rounded practice has made me see much more of what yoga can offer.

I have always loved the stress relief of yoga.  What I can appreciate now in a way I never have before is the deeper impact of yoga.  It’s not just my body feeling better and improving, though that is important.  That might be what drew me to it, but I have grasped so much more in recent months.  I enjoy the better sleep that has come since I made efforts to practice daily. I like seeing the progress I have made in certain poses or my practice as a whole.  It’s more than just physical benefits though for me now.  I can let stress and situations go much easier than I have in the past.  I have started to become fascinated in learning more about yoga philosophy and the spiritual elements of a regular practice.  I have learned more about myself in a few months than I ever expected and know that is only going to continue.  Yoga is no longer just a form of exercise, but it has truly become a way of life.

What do you love most about MYBO?

The studio here at MYBO is like none I have ever seen. I say that not just here in the DMV, but even as compared to other places I have lived.  The quality of teaching is wonderful, regardless of the style of class.  The support and encouragement that each teacher provides is appreciated.  The focus of the month has really resonated with me on many occasions.  I love the MYBO community, as it’s so nice to see friendly faces in my regular classes.  As someone who is newer to the area, I never expected to find friends in yoga class.  Yet I have and that is so indicative of the culture that has been built at MYBO.  I also never complain about the cool towel at the end of a tough hot class either!


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Crack of Dawn Growing Good Food

with Dawn Olson

Dawn OlsonHey, what’s a nice girl like you, doing in a field like this? Grow’in good food, baby! How does a woman veteran go from flying jets over the earth, to cooling her jets digging in the earth? Good question and it requires a story. So there I was…I found my 50-year old retired self in a new town, no kids in school, few social connections to speak of and honestly, a little lonely on my sprawling Texas ranch. (We don’t call them farms or ranchettes in these here parts)   A local Botanical Garden was offering an organic veggie growing course and I thought, hey anyone who gets their hands dirty might prove fun. Well, five years and 500 connections later, growing good food delivered a huge social network, an incredible training ground (no pun intended), and an adventure that beats The Sims or Candy Crush Saga any day.

Read on, you wanna be farmer girls or you serious types about the benefits of growing good food.  Disclaimer before we begin-I got no degree in Agriculture, but neither did our farming ancestors. Although my grandparents were Iowa farmers, my only experience there was climbing the apple trees and getting yelled at for breaking branches. What is it with young girls and apple trees? I digress! As a life-long learner and classic over-achiever, I’ve read 53 books on agriculture, watched dozens of videos, taken numerous courses, endured lectures, and got organically certified (not to be mistaken with certifiable). Impressive as that sounds, it is actually the dirt caked nails, bug bites, scraped knees, dead plants and finally, the bountiful produce that are the greatest teachers in agriculture.

So, if you have a sense of humor, and want to learn about growing food, then this is your blog.   Can you remember a time when you bit into a cold juicy-sweet red watermelon, sucked that juice down and then launched the seeds in rapid-fire across the fence or at your sister? Oh come on, I can’t be the only one with that childhood.   Okay, you serious types, how about gently cutting a soft delicate peach into elegant slices, then carefully laying them over mounds of vanilla ice cream, and using a spoon the size of a fry pan, gobble it down? Ah, memories of good food from childhood. What happen?

Here is the history of dirt (another pun, she’s on a roll). Well ladies, we went from Queen of Food to Queen of Work World.   Now, before you get your vanishing edge microfiber with lace Bikini panties in a bind, hear me out. You know what happens when women leave a space unattended for very long, it goes awry. That is what happened with our food industry. In an effort to respond to busy women everywhere, processed foods filled the void. I will let you all

research the effects of that, but heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and cancer followed suit. Enough said!

Good news is, good food is coming back from near extinction and here is where you can find it, grow it, or support those who do. Now, back to the field of dreams, or in my case, field of peas.   Sun Tzu said, “The Art of Gardening is to never take yourself too serious.” Have you met ME, Mr. Tzu? For the most part we are some serious women, me included.   And gardening is serious business, why it can be life or death, at least for the plant that is. Like I said, I began this journey as a novice grower. The extent of my farming included a pot, bag-o-dirt and a plant from a box store, sound familiar? But when my family gave up eating anything with eyes or a mama, (yes, we are vegetarians, no we won’t try to convert you, and just for the record, we still like chocolate and booze), we decided to grow our own food.

You can do that? Why, yes you can!! Our 4K River Ranch sits nestled (I like that word) next to the Brazos River in Palo Pinto County, our food is grown for Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and the North Central Texas Farmer’s Market Corp. families. We utilize sustainable practices such a rain capture system, solar panels, a hoop house, and permaculture techniques. Yes, I still shave my legs. We use no chemicals of any kind and work hard to rebuild the bee population, restore native grasses, and provide habitat for wildlife, which includes my husband-Iver.

This sometimes serious, mostly funny, but quite informative blog will tell you how we grow food. But wait there is more, in addition to the knowledge that you can improve and control your health (individual results may vary), support growers, help the earth, why you may even save mankind from itself (Okay, made that one up). But if we don’t get our food right, we may go the way of the dinosaurs, whom I think discovered Twinkies and the rest is history.

Why should you come with me to learn about growing life-enriching food, mysteries of soil cosmos, earthly Growing Good Foodwonders, and other fun stuff?  Because ladies, you are the only hope to help fix our food system.   Those of us with gray hair or chemically altered gray hair were responsible for catapulting women into the workforce, now we need to help women protect themselves and their families. This is my quest towards that endeavor. May the forbs be with you!  Okay, that’s really bad garden humor.

Stay tune, in July we talk “friends with benefits” and prepare the ground for the microbe invasion. Let’s get down and dirty, talking about the dark underworld of earth’s greatest creation (besides women) the soil.

Books to read:
Skinny Bitch, Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin. “A no-nonsense, tough love guide for savvy girls who want to stop eating crap and start looking fabulous!”

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May Student of the Month: Alyssa San Juan

Congrats Alyssa!  Alyssa is an outstanding ambassador for MYBO and demonstrates the consistent practice, yogi lifestyle, and willingness to help others that shape a true yogi!

Tell us about yourself!  What does your 9-5 look like?  Where are you from?  What are your hobbies?  What are you passionate about?

I live in Pentagon City with my husband Cesar and our sweet little toy Yorkie, Winston.  I’m a nanny in Crystal City.  I care for the most amazing 11-month-old little girl during the day.

I am from Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Some of my hobbies include traveling, cooking, yoga (obviously), and going out and trying new restaurants.  My husband and I are foodies and DC has some of the best food.  We love going out for tapas and wine.  Clarendon is one of my favorite neighborhoods in this area.  It has everything: really good restaurants and great shops.  Lululemon and Whole Foods are my favorite stores.  As crazy as it sounds, I love walking around Whole Foods.  I could spend hours in there.

I’ve recently gotten really interested in essential oils.  I’ve been reading a lot about how the oils can have an effect on someone and their moods/emotions.

I’m very passionate about my family.  My husband and I hope to start a family soon.  Until then we will continue to focus on our dog Winston.  Since he is so little we like to take him everywhere.  In summer they have these events called “Yappy Hour” at some restaurants, so we love to take him to those.

How long have you been practicing yoga?  What made you try yoga for the first time? 

I’ve been practicing yoga since 2012.  I was living in New Orleans at the time and a friend of mine was talking about going to a Bikram Yoga class.  I was very intrigued.  She ended up not going and I ended up with a monthly membership.  I was hooked.  I loved everything about it.  I felt so amazing after every class and the studio made me feel so welcome.  I completed a 30-day Bikram challenge while I was in New Orleans.  From there I knew I wanted to learn more about yoga, so I guess that’s what really started my yoga journey.  Last summer I did my 200-hour teacher training in DC.

What is your motivation to practice yoga regularly?  What is the biggest physical and/or mental benefit you have noticed from doing yoga?

Since I have been doing yoga regularly  I’ve not only noticed a change in my physical body, but it also encourages me to make other healthy decisions as far as eating habits and such.  Through yoga I am constantly looking for ways to better myself mentally and physically.  I have a mental clarity that I never had before.  I feel a lot more relaxed than I used to be.  And I love that I am always a student to yoga, meaning I am always learning.  There is so much to learn about yoga and I love waking up everyday knowing I will learn something new.

I try to share yoga with my friends and family.  I have gotten a couple friends to come to classes with me.  I love the bond yoga brings to people.  I have also encouraged my aunt to do a teacher training.  She lives in St. Louis and is currently in training.

What do you love most about MYBO?

MYBO is a big family and I really love that aspect.  Everyone welcomed me in with open arms.  When I first started volunteering at the studio everyone went out of their way to get to know me and introduce themselves.  It was the best experience and that’s what kept me coming back.  I love this studio and I have finally found my yoga family and that makes me so happy.  Amanda has not only created a wonderful studio, but also an amazing family.  I am so proud to be part of that family.

IMG_6400       IMG_7903 (1)

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May Teacher of the Month: Lara Truppo

Congratulations Lara!

Join Lara on Sunday and Monday evenings for Yoga for Inflexible Humans and on Wednesday evenings for Power Yogalates.  Experience the broad scope of her teaching styles, from the healing aspects of yoga therapy to the challenging Ashtanga yoga.

How many years have you been teaching yoga?

I started teaching yoga in the year 2008 while I was still stationed in Germany: my mentor was a Master Yoga and Ballet instructor, and I became hypnotized by this combination and her teaching style, as I am also a former ballet and contemporary dancer.

What is your favorite style to teach?

Ashtanga yoga has been my favorite teaching style for the longest time.  I thoroughly enjoy the discipline, the mental and physical challenges, and the benefits from practicing Ashtanga yoga.  It has always been very natural for me to share my devotion with my students.

What made you want to become a yoga teacher?

Yoga is fundamental to my life, I was actually a yogi before I formally became a teacher.  So many principles and meanings and goals of yoga have been taught to me early on in my life, being born and raised in Italy.  It is not until I teach and share yoga, and learn with my students, that I grow as an instructor and as a yoga practitioner.

Then I injured myself and I had to consider so many different aspects of myself and my health: that is why I expanded my learning by studying yoga therapy, which continues to amaze me and allows me to heal each day physically, and allows me to face just about anything.

What is your advice to someone considering becoming a yoga teacher?

As an aspiring yoga instructor, it is important to learn about yoga and learn from an accredited yoga teacher training in order to start becoming familiar with this beautiful discipline.  As we absorb all that there is to discover, we start relating to something specific from which we build our trust and our path.  The more you believe in yoga, the more you can grow as an instructor.

What is your favorite part of teaching at MYBO?

I am enjoying very much teaching at the MYBO studio.  Since the beginning I have valued being part of a small business committed to bringing the community together and taking the initiative to promote yoga.  I personally respect Amanda so much for doing it, and can relate to the hard work and challenges, as I was once a business owner and one of my business areas was a yoga studio…I love meeting with students new to yoga and being able to introduce the important foundation.

Thank you Amanda and her great staff for this opportunity!!!!!




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March Focus of the Month

Kleshas: The 5 Obstacles to Realizing Yoga.


“Yoga is a path of self realization. The true self can be compared to or defined as; the inner light within, the unchangeable presence, the eternal witnessing consciousness or simply the soul.

When an individual is not experiencing the nature of the self the Kleshas will be present.

1) Avidya means ignorance. It is when someone doesn’t know the reality of the true self or that a true self even exists. It is being stuck in illusion maya. Unable to understand and or distinguish truth and the true reality of nature and existence.

2) Asmita means egoism. When an individual believes that his or her individuality is the importance of life. When the selfish I, me, mine tendency is in control of the decisions and the only motivation is gain and fame. Asmita keeps an individual separate from the whole of consciousness.

3) Raga means attachment to pleasure. This can come from mental impressions stored in the memories from the past, samkara. It can also be an addiction to an object related to the senses. Pleasure creates attachment because the human tendency is to want more of it and for it to never end. Therefore attachment to pleasure creates clinging. Where anything that is not pleasurable creates aversion the next Klesha.

4) Dvesha means aversion. It can mean hatred toward a thought pattern, object or an experience. Aversion also has avoidance moving away from what the person does not want.

5) Abhinivesha means fear of loss of all the above Klesha. The clinging to life itself, and the fear of death.”
Taken from

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March Teacher of the Month

Congrats Marybeth!

Marybeth is our Teacher of the Month for March! She teaches Yoga as well as a wonderful Yogalates class! Marybeth will also be holding monthly Acro Yoga classes @ MYBO starting Saturday, 3/19, 1-2:30 pm!

Tell us a little about yourself! Where are you from? What are your hobbies?

“I am a DC native, and I love anything that includes being active outdoors: running, hiking, biking, swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking, etc. This summer I hope to go climbing outside for the first time.”

How many years have you been teaching yoga?

“I have been teaching for almost 5 years (May 2011).”

What is your favorite style to teach?

“My favorite style of yoga to teach is vinyasa flow and therapeutics. I especially love teaching those who are new to yoga – it’s exciting and rewarding to introduce people to yoga, something that has been immensely positive in my own life.”

What made you want to become a yoga teacher?

“I have been consistently practicing yoga for almost 10 years, which I discovered during a particularly stressful time in my life during grad school. Yoga helped me to find balance in my life, both on and off the mat. The transformation was astonishing, and I wanted to pass on that bliss and life-changing experience to others. About 5 years into my practice, my study of yoga intensified, and my teachers were encouraging me to seek out teacher training programs. I was fortunate to have so many people supporting me in my endeavor to teach yoga.”

Tell us a little about the Acro!

“Acro yoga is a form of partner acrobatics that helps to cultivate trust, non-verbal communication, body awareness, and connection. I have been holding acro jams at MYBO, which are unstructured open sessions where people are invited to play and explore. I taught a Valentine’s Day partner yoga/acro workshop last month, which was tons of fun and well received. Stay tuned for more workshops and class like this coming soon at MYBO!”

What is your advice to someone considering becoming a yoga teacher?

“The most important part of teaching yoga in my opinion if finding your own voice and your own style. The world of yoga is vast, and the type of yoga that you will teach will be different than any other teacher, and that is okay! If you are authentic, the students who need your teachings will naturally gravitate toward you.The first couple of years of teaching were a struggle for me because I was trying too hard to mimic my teachers in all aspects. Once I relaxed and found my stride, teaching became so much more enjoyable and I believe my students benefited more. Also know that once your 200-hour training is complete, your studying is far from over. Keep learning, keep practicing, keep exploring.”

What is your favorite part of teaching at MYBO?

“This is the hardest question because I love everything about MYBO! My first impressions of the center were all positive. The teachers and staff were so welcoming, and once I started teaching I was likewise impressed with the students – their kindness, openness and amazing energy. I am so grateful to have found my yoga home. <3”


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March Student of the Month

Congrats Prasad Ananthakrishnan!

Prasad is our Student of the Month for March! He has been a long-time MYBO student and very well-known among teachers as he attends classes nearly every day! We are so happy to honor his continued commitment. Get to know Prasad:

Tell us a little about yourself! What does your 9-5 look like? Where are you from? What are your hobbies? What are you passionate about?

“I lived in Mumbai—the sixth most populous city in the world, India’s financial capital, the home of bollywood, and a city that never sleeps—before moving to the United States in 2004. I am an economist by education and profession, currently working at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), trying to analyze and hopefully resolve some of the world’s economic and financial problems!! I advise countries on their economic and financial policies, and in the past seven years, my focus has been on countries in the Middle East. During a typical day in DC, I am monitoring and analyzing economic events around the globe. I get to travel a lot in my job—been to over 30 countries so far—and to meet and discuss with Ministers and Governors of central banks; that I find both challenging and enjoyable. I derive satisfaction from seeing real life changes in countries as a consequence of my advice. I realize that my actions can affect people and, therefore, I approach my work with humility and empathy. Hobbies? Reading fiction, watching sports, listening to music, and cooking —mostly Indian cuisine —will make some for the next Buddha party! Passionate about? My family.”

How long have you been practicing yoga? What made you try yoga for the first time?

“I have been practicing yoga only since December 2013. Sometimes, I think, “what was I doing all the previous years?” especially coming from the unofficial yoga capitol of the world! The first yoga studio in my life that I ever stepped into was MYBO. I came in for a massage with Soozie in June 2013 and it took me another 6 months to overcome my inertia and enter MYBO again and enroll for my first yoga class, and since then I have not looked back. Hopefully, I will get into teacher’s training some day when my travel abates a bit or when MYBO offers compressed courses.”

What is your motivation to practice yoga regularly? What is the biggest physical and/or mental benefit you have noticed from doing yoga?

“My main motivation is to earn better control over my health, body and mind. Over the past two years, I have become more flexible, patient and tolerant. I’m not sure if my wife agrees with the latter two proclamations, but for sure yoga has taught me to smile now when she disagrees with me. The real test will be when I am able to drive 100 miles without complaining even once at the driver in front!!”

What do you love most about MYBO? 

“The fruitful relationship between the student and the teacher, its ambience and the wonderful teachers. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Amanda, Suzie, Shari, Todd, Alyona, Crystal, and Bobbie, whose classes I attend often, and not to forget Sonia whose classes I diligently attended at 6 AM for many months. I also like the positive and happy vibe in the studio, and even if fellow students mostly keep to themselves, it is still possible to feel their cordiality.”

“Yoga is about the journey not the destination. I wish Amanda flourishing success in her yogic entrepreneurial endeavors.” -Prasad


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MYBO February Specials

February Specials Are Here!

Make the commitment this year and enroll in our Annual Class Membership! Monthly options start at just $59! Sign up this month and enjoy a waived activation fee and 15% off your first month’s payment!
Want to get discounted massages on a monthly basis? Enroll in our Annual Auto-Pay program this month and we’ll waive the $50 start-up fee! Offers expire 2/29.

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Our Annual Class Membership makes Hot Yoga, Yoga, and Pilates classes in Arlington, VA affordable for everyone! Take care of your mind, body, and soul this year!

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