Founder & CEO

Amanda Shipe

Founder and CEO of Mind Your Body Oasis
Certified Pilates Instructor / Registered Yoga Teacher / Certified Holistic Health Coach

I opened Mind Your Body Oasis (MYBO) to provide people a space to escape from life, to heal from physical injury and emotional trauma, and garner strength from the shared energy this amazing community continues to create. On my journey, I have learned so much about chronic illness and how to reverse it with food and nutrition, as well as how to live optimally, as an athlete and health-oriented person. I strongly believe that what you feed yourself is 80% of wellness and your mind-body connection is essential to emotional evolution. I also believe that the effects of stress are far reaching and can make even the healthiest person ill. We are all under tremendous stress with work, material gain, family responsibilities, and the speed with which we are going through life. I apply my life’s journey and related knowledge to my daily work and with the students I teach and clients I coach.

My love for Pilates stem from a knee injury incurred while training for my first triathlon. I was advised by an orthopedic surgeon that I should never run or do high impact activity again. I thought life had ended (because I turned 30 on that exact day). Rather than pursuing the suggested surgical route, I started intensive acupuncture therapy and began Pilates to maintain my workout regimen. A lot of surprising results followed: I healed and strengthened my knees, significantly decreased my waistline, avoided surgery, and felt the extremely powerful benefits of an exercise that works with (rather than against) the body. As I healed, I began practicing Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga, became certified to teach Pilates in 2007 and earned my Hot Yoga Teacher certification in 2011. Yoga changed my life: it made me calmer, happier, more patient, thoughtful, compassionate, and mellow.

My approach to wellness is holistic because I feel the body knows how to heal itself when provided with what the earth provides naturally. Stress reduction techniques and activities, like meditation and yoga, and all forms of alternative medicine are necessary partners to support the healing process. I apply an individualized health regimen when coaching clients that guides the healing process but everyone is genetically individual and have different histories and life experiences as well as mindsets and personality dispositions. All of these aspects must be considered when creating new habits, changing lifestyles and achieving health goals.

Life is short! I believe in going for it, which is why I am so happy to support local businesses and help others starting a business to chase their dreams through collaborative efforts with MYBO. MYBO’s vision is to provide many healing forms of Yoga, Pilates, alternative fitness, meditation, therapeutic spa services, top of the line nutrition, nutrition counseling, retreats, Teacher Trainings, and workshops to provide mindful evolution and personal growth for all people seeking these rewards in life. It is my greatest pleasure to welcome you to find your bliss at Mind Your Body Oasis.

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Yoga, Pilates, & SUP Instructor
AlyonaYoga, Pilates, & SUP Instructor

Alyona took her first Pilates class in the summer of 2006 while nursing a running injury. By the end of that first class, she was hooked on Pilates. Alyona fell in love with the program as she continued to take classes and noticed how Pilates helped her become stronger. It also helped her recover and become a better runner.Since then, she has become certified to teach and enjoys sharing her passion for Pilates with others. Alyona’s classes are challenging and fun with a generous variety of exercises from class to class.

In addition to teaching and practicing Pilates, Alyona is also a certified cycling instructor. You will find her pedaling around the streets of D.C. on her commuter bike or running on the trails or track with the Capital Area Runners.

Yoga Instructor
AnnYoga Instructor

Ann completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training at MYBO in 2018. She returned to yoga through her background as a psychotherapist after completing a Trauma-informed & Resilience-based Yoga training with Street Yoga in 2016. Ann believes yoga is beneficial for the mind and body—to center, exercise, and calm. Whether you’re looking for a workout, to stretch tight muscles and de-stress, or as a mindfulness practice of moving meditation, Ann aims to create classes that welcome all levels and all intentions.

Yoga & Pilates Instructor
BobbieYoga & Pilates Instructor

Bobbie first discovered yoga on a purple mat in her living room during the cold winter months in Alaska. Her keen interest in the history, philosophy, and health benefits of yoga led her to pursue a 200-hour vinyasa teacher certification. One of her most memorable experiences to date was leading a group of humanitarian volunteers in Nepal through sun salutations with the Himalayas in view. She is a contributor to the website: While working in Moldova for a human rights organization, Bobbie discovered Pilates and also realized how much it complemented her yoga practice. She obtained her Pilates basic mat certification upon returning to Washington DC and started teaching at MYBO. Her favorite part about teaching is helping others feel supported and confident as they explore new poses and find greater strength within.

Yoga Instructor & Thai Massage Therapist
CandiceYoga Instructor & Thai Massage Therapist

Candice started her yoga journey back in 2004. She was seeking a place of solace from hectic day to day stressors and quickly fell in love with the practice. That love of yoga combined with her occupation took her to numerous studios across the country and even the world. It was after joining Mind Your Body Oasis that she better understood that yoga is about your individual journey and coming as you are each and every day of your practice. That realization led Candice to seek her 200 RYT Certification through MYBO as she knew hers was a journey that needed to be shared with others. Candice loves making her students smile and showing them that yoga can be fun, even when you are sweating. Candice has an intuitive and healing touch and is trained in Thai Massage and Fascia Blasting.

Yoga Instructor, Massage Therapist, Reiki, & Sound Healing
DanteYoga Instructor, Massage Therapist, Reiki, & Sound Healing

Meet Dante Baker: a passionate, fun filled, creative, and multi-talented man in the holistic healing arts. Dante personally trains and sees private clients for massage, physical exercise and Reiki, teaches meditation, yoga, qi gong classes, and performs crystal and Tibetan Sound Concerts. His personal philosophy is that the body has an innate wisdom within itself and the tools and services he provides empower your neuor-somatic body to heal & evolve naturally while atuning to multi- dimensional phyllotactic cellular geometries.

My vision for planet earth is to see a self-sustaining holistic center fully operational in every town in the world and all types of people go in to these centers for deep evolutionary transformation of the soul.

Yoga Instructor
DonnaYoga Instructor

Donna began her yoga journey with MYBO while seeking relief from back pain and stress.  With few expectations, Donna embraced hot hatha first, primarily for its focus on precision, rigor, and uniformity, and vinyasa followed. Donna’s love of yoga as a daily ritual eventually led her to MYBO’s teacher training program, which expanded her knowledge and appreciation of the practice. She encourages fellow yogis to approach the asana practice with an open mind and heart, clearing the path for a practice that is both physically challenging and mentally rewarding.

Yoga & Meditation Instructor, Reiki and Sound Healing
GizellaYoga & Meditation Instructor, Reiki and Sound Healing

Gizella is passionate about living and sharing the path of yoga. She encourages students to bring greater awareness, mindfulness, curiosity, and compassion into their practice. Classes vary in difficulty and there is a calling to “find your edge.” There is an attention to alignment, and playful sequencing that weaves together strength, flexibility, and balance. A lover of music, she infuses the practice with the Harmonium – her little music box. Her playlists are especially curated to compliment the practice.

Inspired by the power of yoga which transformed her life, Gizella has dedicated herself to helping others find a clear and centered place with their practice and develop a nourishing connection with self and others. Gizella believes the universal practice of yoga gives us the tools to live a more conscious, vibrant, and purposeful life.

Gizella completed her 200-Hour Vinyasa Yoga training and 50-Hour Bhakti Yoga training in San Francisco where she dove deep into the profound aspects of pranayama, asana, mantra, and meditation. Gizella is always a students first. She continues to develop her knowledge in all aspects of the practice of yoga. Ultimately, Gizella’s goal is to elevate the people and communities she comes in contact with through sharing her adoration of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. Come – open your heart and practice. See what comes up.

Yoga, Pilates, Barre Instructor & Thai Massage Therapist
JuliaYoga, Pilates, Barre Instructor & Thai Massage Therapist

Julia is a yogi, dancer, and Pilates and Barre enthusiast originally from New York. Although Julia had a sporadic relationship with yoga for almost a decade, several years ago she discovered MYBO and her practice became an essential part of her life. She fell in love with yoga, the community, and the holistic benefits that Yoga/Pilates/Barre provide. Julia believes the link between mind, body, and breath is the key to a happy and healthy lifestyle, and enjoys sharing what she has learned with others. For Julia, a successful class is one that incorporates balance and offers a sense of joy and playfulness. She aims to provide a space where all feel welcome and students can ramp up or scale back their practice as desired.

When she is not in a yoga studio, Julia dances with Gin Dance Company (a contemporary ballet company based out of Northern Virginia) and provides college counseling services to high school students across the DMV.

Yoga Instructor
LaraYoga Instructor

Yoga is My Therapy” has been my personal journey since I first began practicing yoga in 2007, and it developed into a never ending mental, spiritual, and physical cure. YOU can “HEAL YOURSELF”, is the foundation of my yoga practice and the reason why I completed my Yoga Therapy certification through Gentle Therapeutics Yoga in Miami, Florida, with Allaine Stricklen as my master therapist and mentor. During yoga therapy sessions I rely on the use of props (i.e. blocks, bolsters, straps, chairs, and the wall) which are necessary to align our bodies and restore the natural flow of our breath, thus improving our cardiovascular and neurological functions. I specialize on the reduction of depression, stress, and anxiety. Also, I provide targeted therapy for women’s health such as menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause. Furthermore, I offer gentle therapeutics to aid in the recovery injuries, which I personally utilized when recovering from my own knee injury. I work with students of all ages and regardless of injury. I will help you renew your energy, we ALL need healing, rejuvenation, and strength.

Yoga Instructor
LenaYoga Instructor

Lena came to yoga originally for easing lower back pain caused by her scoliosis. She started taking the classes at her gym in high school, and quickly noticed how much of an impact yoga had on both her body and mind. After years of mostly restorative and hatha classes, Lena discovered vinyasa flow and power yoga and immediately fell in love. Yoga began to go from a workout, to a lifestyle. Fast forward to 2018, she has completed 200-hour teacher training at MYBO, as well as master level Reiki.

Yoga Instructor
LindsayYoga Instructor

Lindsay took her first yoga class at a gym where she felt confused, nervous, and inspired all at once. What started as a fierce determination to get into “bird of paradise” pose, quickly morphed into a discovery of herself—of connections between her mind, body, and spirit. Today, she continues to explore ways to elevate her own practice—both physically and spiritually—as well as ways to guide other yogis to that same journey through the self. She prides herself on being authentic and true to herself always. Her students can expect a balanced class that is playful and energetic, with options to modify or amplify. She frequently incorporates strength poses, arm balances, and inversions—and she invites you to approach these with an open mind and a positive attitude. Remember: it’s okay to be a work in progress. Act with love.

Yoga Instructor
MacieYoga Instructor

Macie has been practicing yoga, with varying levels of commitment, since 2011. She had the wonderful experience of completing her 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga training with Mind Your Body Oasis in April 2018 and loves sharing the practice of yoga. She encourages students to come to class with a curious mind and open heart, and loves to lead a playful, invigorating practice where you will have the chance to connect with your mind and your breath, while strengthening your whole body. She always has a beginner’s mindset and works to meet students where they are, while challenging them and helping them grow.
Macie is from California and loves seeing new places and reading books about the places she hasn’t made it to quite yet. She enjoys being active in all ways, and plays on any intramural team that needs an extra player, is an avid hiker, rock climber, and trains for a race every couple of years, when she decides she wants to try and be a runner. She and her husband love taking weekend trips and especially love visiting the US National Parks. She is always up for a challenge, and loves yoga for physical challenge of the asanas, but even more for the the mental challenge to connect with one’s breath, quiet one’s mind, and find a little peace. Macie is committed to creating sacred spaces and intentional communities and can’t wait to share her specially curated playlists and creative sequences with you!

Yoga Instructor
MichelleYoga Instructor

Michelle came to yoga several times in the last decade, but she was ready to open to all that yoga can be when she discovered Mind Your Body Oasis. She has been a regular member of the MYBO community and recently completed her 200-hour certification through the studio. She knows from personal experience what yoga can change in your life. Those benefits are far from just the physical ones that drew her to her mat initially. She has a passion for yoga that she is excited to share with the MYBO community she has called home since early 2016. Michelle believes in keeping classes fun and playful, while always keeping a beginner mindset so everyone feels welcome. She aims to have students leave class feeling challenged and rejuvenated, yet also taking some of that peace to their life off the mat. In the busy DC area we call home, we all can use a bit of the tranquility that yoga can offer!

Yoga Instructor
MollyYoga Instructor

Molly fell in love with yoga at Mind Your Body Oasis! Molly has been an athlete most of her life, starting with gymnastics as a child and later turning to aerobics, running, biking, swimming and interval training. She was introduced to yoga by a friend who was teaching at the local YMCA but Molly got more focused on yoga in 2012 at Mind Your Body Oasis, due to a stressful job and back pain from scoliosis. In 2015, after completing her final overseas deployment and 33 years in the Army, Molly traveled to Rishikesh, India, an important spiritual and pilgrimage site known as the birthplace of yoga for an intensive 5-week yoga teacher training course. She considers this the most magical place she has ever been. Since India, Molly hascontinued her yoga training and is currently working towards her 500-hour certification, with a focus on therapeutics, mindful resilience, meditation, gentle yoga, restorative, and yoga wall. Molly is passionate about helping people. No matter what your goals, becoming more mindful and relaxed, reducing stress and pain, healing injuries, gaining flexibility and strength, or others, Molly would love to assist you in your journey. In addition to teaching yoga, Molly is pursuing a Master’s in Health and Wellness Coaching at the Maryland University of Integrative Health.

Yoga Instructor
NadineYoga Instructor

Nadine is originally from Colombia, and as a Colombian she loves to have fun and to create community. She moved to the USA in 2014 and started her yoga journey at Mind your Body Oasis on 2017. Got certified as a Yoga Teacher in 2018 trough their 200 Hour Vinyasa Flow YTT program and since then has developed a playful and strong practice. Nadine likes to integrate elements of her latin culture into her classes like music and some spanish, she creates fun and playful sequences for all levels. She encourages her students to always get out of their comfort zone and try something new in every class but most importantly to feel good in their own bodies.

Nadine is passionate about art, dancing and yoga. She believes that art could also be a form of meditation and she enjoys sharing her passion for painting with others trough her workshops and coloring meditation classes.

Pilates Instructor
SamPilates Instructor

Sam Baker is a certified Pilates instructor. She attended her first Pilates class in 2015 looking for relief from a stressful DC day job as a hospital administrator and was quickly hooked. She has been a constant presence at MYBO ever since. Sam believes in the precision of Pilates’ movements and the importance of breath for each pose. Her classes use these beliefs as the foundation for your visit to the mat. She provides guidance and modifications for each pose and each class is different from the last. Because of this her classes are great for new students as well as advanced ones. Her challenging classes will help you improve posture, balance and abdominal strength with pop music and Disney references.

Yoga Instructor
SoozieYoga Instructor

Yoga has been the foundation of my life. I did not realize it would have such a profound effect on me when I began in 2004. It allows me to be honest and genuine. It allows me to connect: to myself, others, life and God. It has taught me to believe in infinite possibilities and potential. It is a vast ocean of knowledge and reminds me that life is for learning and loving. I have studied power, jivamukti, hot hatha, ashtanga, restorative, yin and vinyasa. My passion lies in sharing and creating community at MYBO.

Massage Therapy
I have been practicing massage therapy since 2001. I have worked in deep tissue clinics, done corporate massage and traveled to people’s homes. I think of massage as a necessary component to health and healing. I look at it as a privilege to hold that therapeutic space for and with someone so the client can then move deeper into their internal healing. Breath is an important factor in massage. The breath moves energy and stagnation. I will tend to incorporate energy healing, cranio sacral, Ashiatsu, essential oils and prayer in my massage sessions.

Pilates & Barre Instructor
VictoriaPilates & Barre Instructor

I am a health coach, personal trainer, and busy mom who understands that time is as precious as health. My main goal is to stay vital and healthy for years to come. I spent years as the athlete, but now that I am older, I am focused on repair, recovery, and maintenance. I personally want to live and move pain free, and I am constantly learning and improving my skills so I can help my clients better enjoy how they feel, look, and move. I love teaching and showing my clients how they can eat and exercise to take charge of their health.

I became interested in weight loss and obesity-related issues when, after the birth of my 4th child, I realized I needed to lose 70 pounds or risk type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. After resolving my own weight loss struggles, I’ve worked with countless of clients who have come to me after having tried everything to lose weight. I became educated in how to not only drop the weight in a healthy manner; but also, in how to maintain that weight loss as I grow older and the metabolism slows down. Now, I love teaching others how they can muddle through the myriad amounts of nutritional information to find the best fit for them. I use yoga, MELT, Trigger Point Release, and strength training to stay strong both physically and mentally.

A little bit about my certifications and degrees… I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist, 200-hr RTY Hatha and Yapana Yoga Instructor, and a Certified MELT Hand and Foot Instructor. I hold a BA in English/Philosophy, a BS in Nutritional Science, an MA in English Linguistics, and working toward an MS in Nutrition and Wellness. I spend my days critiquing labels and helping people move and feel better.

Pilates Instructor
ViktoriyaPilates Instructor
Viktoriya was introduced to Pilates when she started having recurring back pain. Her doctor recommended doing Pilates because it would help strengthen her back muscles and “core.” At first, she struggled but after two months of consistent workouts she started noticing some changes. There was less pain in her back. And she felt more toned and balanced. Viktoriya received her first Pilates training in Ukraine where she is from. Viktoriya then started teaching Mat Pilates in 2011. In the United States, she continued her Pilates Education with Balanced Body. Viktoriya  has lived in many different countries, which has given her the opportunity to learn the styles of different Pilates schools from classical to contemporary and improve on her own teaching style. Viktoriya enjoys teaching Pilates and interacting with clients because “I understand how important it is to find a unique approach for every client to help them reach their fitness goals. I love encouraging and motivating people to get in shape and stay in shape. What inspires me the most is watching my students progress.”


Muscular Manipulation Therapist
EricMuscular Manipulation Therapist

I am dedicated to pain management. Short-term chronic pain from workouts, sports, bad office chairs, or just sleeping wrong. Long-term chronic pain from conditions like fibromyalgia, joint replacements, and a lifetime of bad office chairs. I’ve been a full-time massage therapist since 2007, and precious few of those sessions have been for relaxation. I delight in resolving problems. Let me take on your pain.

Massage Therapist
GloriaMassage Therapist

Gloria Morales has more than 15 years of experience as a massage therapist. She started her career at the Wyndham San Juan Hotel. In the last years she has specialized in elite athletes, including triathletes, runners and cyclists. Her professional knowledge includes Thai, Ayurvedic, myofascial release, sport, Swedish and deep-tissue massages. Her greatest passion and enjoyment is to see the smiles on her clients’ faces at the end of a massage.

Reiki Practitioner & Thai Massage
LouisaReiki Practitioner & Thai Massage

Louisa is a Reiki Master practitioner and intuitive counselor/coach. Louisa found healing through her own spiritual journey into energy and intuitive work over the past several years, and through personal experience is passionate about assisting clients in recognizing and strengthening their own intuitive healing abilities. Louisa encourages each individual’s healing by facilitating an awareness of their own wisdom and spiritual channels of communication. She has received her Reiki Master attunement in the Usui System of Natural Healing and certification in intuitive, aura, and past-life readings accredited by the World Metaphysical Association and American Council of Holistic Healers. Louisa especially enjoys using a combined Reiki energy healing with intuitive coaching to interact with clients in identifying root issues. She believes that each individual is his or her own best healer when one is able to clear blockages and enhance awareness from the guidance that resides deep within. Outside of practicing Reiki and intuitive healing, Louisa enjoys running, cycling, writing, podcasting, and of course yoga at MYBO (especially hot hatha!).

Massage Therapist
PuthearineMassage Therapist

Puthearine loves living free of stress. Hence being passionate and an enthusiast about the healing art of massage therapy. Due to her wide variety of training she can customize a massage session that caters to your needs. Puthearine specializes in Specific Work, Swedish Massage, Deep Swedish, and Sports massage. Her goals for you are to reduce stress, increase circulation, remove toxins, slow down aging, heal and rejuvenate injured &/or tired muscles.

Come see Puthearine if you want to completely escape and have a restorative and rejuvenating experience!

Massage Therapist
ReginaldMassage Therapist

Reggie is an intuitive massage therapist who will first listen to you and your body to customize a massage that is designed for your individual needs. He is a strong massage therapist that takes a whole body health approach to massage by understanding just how massage encourages total health in the mind and body. He draws his skills from over 500 hours of training in modalities including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Trigger Point Therapy and Foot Reflexology massage. Reggie graduated from Heritage College with an accreditation in Massage Therapy in 2004. In his personal time, Reggie enjoys spending time with his children and teaching them to live a happy holistic lifestyle. Reggie is also a part-time assistant football coach with his local youth sports league. Through sports he encourages youth to stay active and healthy.