Founder & CEO

Amanda ShipeAmanda Shipe

Founder and CEO of Mind Your Body Oasis
Certified Pilates Instructor / Registered Yoga Teacher / Certified Holistic Health Coach

I opened Mind Your Body Oasis (MYBO) to provide people a space to escape from life, to heal from physical injury and emotional trauma, and garner strength from the shared energy this amazing community continues to create. On my journey, I have learned so much about chronic illness and how to reverse it with food and nutrition, as well as how to live optimally, as an athlete and health-oriented person. I strongly believe that what you feed yourself is 80% of wellness and your mind-body connection is essential to emotional evolution. I also believe that the effects of stress are far reaching and can make even the healthiest person ill. We are all under tremendous stress with work, material gain, family responsibilities, and the speed with which we are going through life. I apply my life’s journey and related knowledge to my daily work and with the students I teach and clients I coach.

My love for Pilates stem from a knee injury incurred while training for my first triathlon. I was advised by an orthopedic surgeon that I should never run or do high impact activity again. I thought life had ended (because I turned 30 on that exact day). Rather than pursuing the suggested surgical route, I started intensive acupuncture therapy and began Pilates to maintain my workout regimen. A lot of surprising results followed: I healed and strengthened my knees, significantly decreased my waistline, avoided surgery, and felt the extremely powerful benefits of an exercise that works with (rather than against) the body. As I healed, I began practicing Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga, became certified to teach Pilates in 2007 and earned my Hot Yoga Teacher certification in 2011. Yoga changed my life: it made me calmer, happier, more patient, thoughtful, compassionate, and mellow.

My approach to wellness is holistic because I feel the body knows how to heal itself when provided with what the earth provides naturally. Stress reduction techniques and activities, like meditation and yoga, and all forms of alternative medicine are necessary partners to support the healing process. I apply an individualized health regimen when coaching clients that guides the healing process but everyone is genetically individual and have different histories and life experiences as well as mindsets and personality dispositions. All of these aspects must be considered when creating new habits, changing lifestyles and achieving health goals.

Life is short! I believe in going for it, which is why I am so happy to support local businesses and help others starting a business to chase their dreams through collaborative efforts with MYBO. MYBO’s vision is to provide many healing forms of Yoga, Pilates, alternative fitness, meditation, therapeutic spa services, top of the line nutrition, nutrition counseling, retreats, Teacher Trainings, and workshops to provide mindful evolution and personal growth for all people seeking these rewards in life. It is my greatest pleasure to welcome you to find your bliss at Mind Your Body Oasis.

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Yoga & Pilates Instructor
AlyonaYoga & Pilates Instructor

Alyona took her first Pilates class in the summer of 2006 while nursing a running injury. By the end of that first class, she was hooked on Pilates. Alyona fell in love with the program as she continued to take classes and noticed how Pilates helped her become stronger. It also helped her recover and become a better runner.Since then, she has become certified to teach and enjoys sharing her passion for Pilates with others. Alyona’s classes are challenging and fun with a generous variety of exercises from class to class.

In addition to teaching and practicing Pilates, Alyona is also a certified cycling instructor. You will find her pedaling around the streets of D.C. on her commuter bike or running on the trails or track with the Capital Area Runners.

Yoga & Pilates Instructor
BobbieYoga & Pilates Instructor

Bobbie first discovered yoga on a purple mat in her living room during the cold winter months in Alaska. Her keen interest in the history, philosophy, and health benefits of yoga led her to pursue a 200-hour vinyasa teacher certification. One of her most memorable experiences to date was leading a group of humanitarian volunteers in Nepal through sun salutations with the Himalayas in view. She is a contributor to the website: While working in Moldova for a human rights organization, Bobbie discovered Pilates and also realized how much it complemented her yoga practice. She obtained her Pilates basic mat certification upon returning to Washington DC and started teaching at MYBO. Her favorite part about teaching is helping others feel supported and confident as they explore new poses and find greater strength within.

Yoga Instructor
DeboraYoga Instructor

Debora Jackson, E-RYT, is a certified Integral Yoga teacher trained in all aspects of classical Yoga currently pursuing the next level of Yoga Training through the Himalayan Institute. Drawing from over 16 years of personal practice in various styles of Yoga and Dance training, her classes are designed to strengthen the body, calm the mind and enliven the spirit. While her passion for Yoga & Dance run deep, she brings along a sense of humor and playfulness to every class she teaches. Debora’s commitment is to inspire her students to feel good in their bodies, realize their full potential and take their unique gifts into the world.

Yoga Instructor
ErinYoga Instructor
Erin Nicole Gordon attended her first yoga class in 2008, seeking balance midst the daily grind of government consulting and rigors of triathlon training. The rinse from that
initial hot power yoga class has inspired her continual inquiry
and laid the foundation for recent certification as a Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance (RYT-200). Erin is passionate about the transformative power of flow – designed to be challenging, creative and fun – building strength, while quieting the mind and restoring the soul. She is excited to share her curiosity on the mat with her students!
Off the mat, Erin consults as a strategic visualist to blend her expertise in art and business. She believes in a practice of work hard, play hard so you’ll find her hard at it – painting, running, swimming or simply being in every moment.
Yoga Instructor
Gizella OlivoYoga Instructor

Gizella Olivo is a certified Yoga Instructor trained in Vinyasa. Always a student first, Gizella has explored a variety of yoga styles from Hatha, Iyengar, Baptiste, Dharma, Forrest, and most recently Bhakti. Experiencing Bhakti Flow in San Francisco was one of her most cherished and memorable moments. Drawing from her learnings in Vinyasa and Hatha yoga, Gizella infuses personal experience with what she loved most about the yoga culture of San Francisco. Bringing awareness toward creating meaningful and nourishing relationships with self and others, her classes will draw you inward as you connect deeply with your breath, flow through poses, and have a little fun at the same time. Every class varies in difficulty and there is a calling to “find your edge.” Classes are specially curated to music and often you may find yourself singing and chanting. Outside of yoga, Gizella shares a passion for photography and vegetarian cooking. Ultimately, Gizella’s goal is to elevate the people and communities she comes in contact with through sharing her adoration of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness.

Yoga Instructor
JoannaYoga Instructor

Joanna understands the value of rehabilitation in both body and mind. She found yoga as a way to strengthen her body, relax her mind, and rehabilitate past wear and tear sustained from injuries. As an energetic, fun-loving, upbeat NYC girl, Joanna treasures the importance of slowing down, being present, and finding balance. She fell in love with the mind-body-spirit connection yoga has bestowed upon her and eagerly shares the calm, compassion, and self-acceptance within. For her, yoga has proven to be much more than just a physical challenge; yoga is a never ending journey toward self-realization.

Joanna’s classes are rooted in dynamic athleticism, strength, and balance. She strives to combine alignment principles for proper technique and safety, creative playfulness in sequencing and grace from Vinyasa flow practice, and the therapeutic and calming benefits of breath and meditation. She believes nothing is impossible and aims to share the gifts of yoga to both beginners and advanced yogis alike. Joanna encourages her students to explore their vast potential and BE FEARLESS both on and off the mat!

Yoga Instructor
LaraYoga Instructor

Yoga is My Therapy” has been my personal journey since I first began practicing yoga in 2007, and it developed into a never ending mental, spiritual, and physical cure. YOU can “HEAL YOURSELF”, is the foundation of my yoga practice and the reason why I completed my Yoga Therapy certification through Gentle Therapeutics Yoga in Miami, Florida, with Allaine Stricklen as my master therapist and mentor. During yoga therapy sessions I rely on the use of props (i.e. blocks, bolsters, straps, chairs, and the wall) which are necessary to align our bodies and restore the natural flow of our breath, thus improving our cardiovascular and neurological functions. I specialize on the reduction of depression, stress, and anxiety. Also, I provide targeted therapy for women’s health such as menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause. Furthermore, I offer gentle therapeutics to aid in the recovery injuries, which I personally utilized when recovering from my own knee injury. I work with students of all ages and regardless of injury. I will help you renew your energy, we ALL need healing, rejuvenation, and strength.

Yoga & Pilates Instructor
MarybethYoga & Pilates Instructor

Marybeth’s teaching style has been inspired by the eclectic array of styles and traditions taught by her teachers, including Kripalu, Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Sivananda, Dharma Mittra, Jivamukti, Prana Flow, Acro Yoga, and Integrative YogaTherapy. In Marybeth’s classes, you will move your body in fun and creative ways, helping to release tension and clear space for peace in the mind and health in the body. Her flow- inspired sequences often begin slowly and meditatively with a pranayama practice exploring the breath, building to a more invigorating pace toward the peak of the practice, then gradually easing into deep relaxation at the end. Students are challenged to find their own personal edge, while Marybeth provides modifications and variations depending on each student’s condition. With attention to postural alignment, Marybeth’s classes include elements of therapeutic yoga and conscious consideration of some of the many health benefits of the postures and sequences. Marybeth holds additional certifications in public health, herbal medicine and holistic nutrition, and she is Level 1 Reiki trained.

Yoga Instructor
MoriahYoga Instructor

Moriah aims to empower others by teaching yoga’s physical and philosophical system of embodied observation and action. As a beginner, she admired the way yoga had the capacity to *challenge *her unlike anything she’d experienced before. With increased practice, she found it allowed her to participate in the world more consciously, and draw on renewable energy from within herself when needed. Over time, her practice continued to merge with other aspects of her life, and by the time she graduated college, she had been focusing her own research in the fields of Anthropology and Folklore/Ethnomusicology on yoga’s fundamentally embodied cultural expression. Her classes draw heavily yoga’s cultural contexts and its mythic and philosophical approach to the body’s gross and subtle anatomy as a metaphor as expansive as the cosmos. With specific alignment and energetic cues, Moriah seeks to give her students useful tools for consciously using and understanding their mind-body system-selves. She is known to have a relaxed and playful approach to instruction; communicating themes and ideas through mindful sequences. Students leave class her classes feeling lifted, with an expanded imagination and reduced sense of limitation–physically and otherwise. In every class, she attempts to impart knowledge which will help her students eventually develop a practice which they can continue at home or elsewhere.

Yoga Teacher
SamYoga Teacher
Yoga Instructor
SoozieYoga Instructor

Yoga has been the foundation of my life. I did not realize it would have such a profound effect on me when I began in 2004. It allows me to be honest and genuine. It allows me to connect: to myself, others, life and God. It has taught me to believe in infinite possibilities and potential. It is a vast ocean of knowledge and reminds me that life is for learning and loving. I have studied power, jivamukti, hot hatha, ashtanga, restorative, yin and vinyasa. My passion lies in sharing and creating community at MYBO.

Massage Therapy
I have been practicing massage therapy since 2001. I have worked in deep tissue clinics, done corporate massage and traveled to people’s homes. I think of massage as a necessary component to health and healing. I look at it as a privilege to hold that therapeutic space for and with someone so the client can then move deeper into their internal healing. Breath is an important factor in massage. The breath moves energy and stagnation. I will tend to incorporate energy healing, cranio sacral, Ashiatsu, essential oils and prayer in my massage sessions.

Yoga & Pilates Instructor
VictoriaYoga & Pilates Instructor

I am a health coach, personal trainer, and busy mom who understands that time is as precious as health. My main goal is to stay vital and healthy for years to come. I spent years as the athlete, but now that I am older, I am focused on repair, recovery, and maintenance. I personally want to live and move pain free, and I am constantly learning and improving my skills so I can help my clients better enjoy how they feel, look, and move. I love teaching and showing my clients how they can eat and exercise to take charge of their health.

I became interested in weight loss and obesity-related issues when, after the birth of my 4th child, I realized I needed to lose 70 pounds or risk type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. After resolving my own weight loss struggles, I’ve worked with countless of clients who have come to me after having tried everything to lose weight. I became educated in how to not only drop the weight in a healthy manner; but also, in how to maintain that weight loss as I grow older and the metabolism slows down. Now, I love teaching others how they can muddle through the myriad amounts of nutritional information to find the best fit for them. I use yoga, MELT, Trigger Point Release, and strength training to stay strong both physically and mentally.

A little bit about my certifications and degrees… I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist, 200-hr RTY Hatha and Yapana Yoga Instructor, and a Certified MELT Hand and Foot Instructor. I hold a BA in English/Philosophy, a BS in Nutritional Science, an MA in English Linguistics, and working toward an MS in Nutrition and Wellness. I spend my days critiquing labels and helping people move and feel better.

Yoga & Pilates Instructor
YolundaYoga & Pilates Instructor

Yolunda trained in the whimsical arts of theater and dance with a subsequent career that followed those two paths.

Following a 4 year stint in Japan as a revue dancer/singer Yolunda did a number of 10 day silent meditation sits in Japan and Canada. Depth and quiet solitude moved Yolunda into certification in Pilates mat, reformer and CCB in 2007. A yoga teacher training was the next step, in Kerela India. Sharing a spiritual, physically healthy path within a group is what connects Yolunda to the greater whole. Adding in laughter and a touch of whimsy and you’ve got this teacher’s number!

Yoga Instructor
ZohaYoga Instructor

Zoha’s path to yoga began in 2006, she then went to Bikram’s Teacher Training in Spring 2014. Falling more in love with yoga she attended Jared McCann’s Vinyasa teacher training January 2016. She is dedicated to deepening her students as well as her own understanding of yoga and the body. She believes that a wide variety of ailments, physical, emotional and spiritual can be healed through a consistent yoga practice, and is committed to helping students find self awareness through yoga. Ranked 12th in the state of Virginia in 2016 Hatha Yoga Competition , she offers her students practical knowledge through her personal experience. Her love for yoga shines through in her positive and encouraging classes that propel your body, mind, spirit to new heights of health and well being.


Muscular Manipulation Therapist
EricMuscular Manipulation Therapist

I am dedicated to pain management. Short-term chronic pain from workouts, sports, bad office chairs, or just sleeping wrong. Long-term chronic pain from conditions like fibromyalgia, joint replacements, and a lifetime of bad office chairs. I’ve been a full-time massage therapist since 2007, and precious few of those sessions have been for relaxation. I delight in resolving problems. Let me take on your pain.

Master Aesthetician, Crystal Healer
ImanMaster Aesthetician, Crystal Healer

I’m Iman, a Holistic Aesthetician. I hold a Master Aesthetician Certification and my focus is to nourish and enhance the skin while using a crystal healing technique to heal the spiritual body. Skin and spiritual healing are my passion and my goal is to create balance in the mind, body and spirit.

Massage Therapist
PuthearineMassage Therapist

Puthearine loves living free of stress. Hence being passionate and an enthusiast about the healing art of massage therapy. Due to her wide variety of training she can customize a massage session that caters to your needs. Puthearine specializes in Specific Work, Swedish Massage, Deep Swedish, and Sports massage. Her goals for you are to reduce stress, increase circulation, remove toxins, slow down aging, heal and rejuvenate injured &/or tired muscles.

Come see Puthearine if you want to completely escape and have a restorative and rejuvenating experience!

Master Aesthetician
NavanMaster Aesthetician

Master Aesthetician from Yvonne De Vela.
It’s been 12 years since I’ve been a practitioner of beauty and skin care field. I’m truly enthusiastic and passionate about my profession. Constantly searching for the best products that works effectively. I specialize in not only facials, but also eyebrow shaping, Sugaring, Waxing, Chemical peel and Fascia Blasting. Come see me and walk away with rejuvenated and glowing skin. i’m here at MYBO every Thursday and Sunday and every other Saturday. See you soon!

Massage Therapist
ReginaldMassage Therapist

Reggie is an intuitive massage therapist who will first listen to you and your body to customize a massage that is designed for your individual needs. He is a strong massage therapist that takes a whole body health approach to massage by understanding just how massage encourages total health in the mind and body. He draws his skills from over 500 hours of training in modalities including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Trigger Point Therapy and Foot Reflexology massage. Reggie graduated from Heritage College with an accreditation in Massage Therapy in 2004. In his personal time, Reggie enjoys spending time with his children and teaching them to live a happy holistic lifestyle. Reggie is also a part-time assistant football coach with his local youth sports league. Through sports he encourages youth to stay active and healthy.